Frequently asked questions

Q: How old is Radio Springs Hotel (RSH)?
A: The building was built about 1927 and was one of four hotels in Lyonville.

Q: How did RSH get its name?
A: The Lyonville Mineral Springs situated about 3.5kms from RSH has (or had) a minute level of radium flowing through it.

Q: Who owns RSH?
A: Ken Parfrey and Jackie Airey are co-owners. They purchased the property in 1997 and spent 10 years doing major restoration work. Ken is the 38th licencee.

Q: Was this the place that Ernie Sigley once owned?
A: Yes... he and his brother once owned the hotel in the 1980s.

Q: I've heard through the grape vine that RSH has a movie house. Is this correct?
A: Ken has a cinema background and he is in the process of converting a garage in the rear garden. It's his dream and aim to be able to show movies for a small audience.

Q: Does RSH have Guinness on tap?
A: We certainly do and WE LIKE TO WATCH.

Q: Is RSH available for Weddings?
A: Yes. Small weddings up to 80 is best. Simply make an appointment with Ken and Jackie to discuss your event. 

Q: Can we book the Large Red Room exclusively for our group?
A: Yes you can, however, there is a $500 Room Fee on top of your cost per head (e.g. $50 - $75 per head).

Q: Does RSH have WiFi, Television, Pokies, Carlton Draught and a Pool Table?
A: The short answer is NO for all the above.
Q: What about mobile phone coverage?
A: RSH has hardly any mobile phone reception, however, if stand outside near the street sign you may be able to receive some signal (whilst standing on one leg).

Q: Does the undercover verandah have heating?
A: Yes... we have strip heaters mounted across the ceiling to warm you up plus clear plastic roller blinds for  protection from the weather.

Q: Does RSH have an Accessible toilet?
A: Yes. Just let us know if you need this facility when you make a booking.
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